Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scene Captures

Some archive images of Rover's stars unfamiliar guise. Vic Guthrie leading out Wales in the early 80s and "Hard Man" Johnny Dexter tacking out world superstar Johan Seegrun...

Vic Guthrie captain of Wales

Johnny "Hard Man" Dexter (Danefield United) fouls Johan Seegrun (Alkhoven)

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  1. This blogspot is big!! keep posting and especially World Cup stories!!!!
    Cant wait!

  2. Dexter vs Seegrun ? wow! Danefield played Alkhoven in European Cup, i had no idea. It would be brilliant if u could post this story

    1. I assumed that Danefield would eventually face Alkhoven in a European match. I think of Alkhoven as Ajax, so in Europe every season. I like the idea of Dexter being tested against "Total Football."

      Thanks for all your comments. I was getting stuck for ideas, but your words have helped me and I now have many new stories to think about!

    2. Do you mean as a Hard Man story? Danefield beat Tovento in 1982 European Cup final but im not sure if they played in Intercontinental Cup. As i remember Varagosa also won the Cup winners Cup, right?
      Also there s a gap about Melchester's 1973 Intercontinental cup and of course the Super Cups of 1973 and and 1975 are blank (Super Cup was established in 1972)