Thursday, 23 April 2015

Roy's Affair

During his spell in charge of Walford Rovers, Roy Race faced many challenges; adapting to a new club, changing tactics, Joe Bellamy, the expectations of the chairman. But above all, his marriage was in serious trouble. Penny refused to move south, leaving Roy alone in the magnificent house provided to him by Harvey Rawson, his new chairman. Penny then flew out to Crete on an extended holiday without her husband. On her return she accused Roy of having a fling with his attractive secretary Sandie. Find out what else happened in that turbulent period below. Did Roy do it, you decide?

Retro Roy of the Rovers - Roy's Affair
Retro Roy of the Rovers - Roy's Affair
Retro Roy of the Rovers - Roy's Affair
Retro Roy of the Rovers - Roy's Affair

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Return to Glory? Part 5

Roy Race's Melchester Rovers faced league leaders and great rivals Melboro' in the most important derby match in recent years. Could Roy mastermind a victory that would go someway to keeping Rovers in the Premier League?

Friday, 20 March 2015

PES European Teams

PES Roy of the Rovers European Teams

A small preview of some of Europe's top teams: from left to right - Atletico Zarosa (Spain), Apollo Romano (Italy), Alkhoven (Netherlands), Bresden (Germany), Agronika (Greece), AS Gironde (France), AC Monza (Italy), Bokeren (Belgium).

Roy of the Rovers 2014/15 PES European teams

Left to right: Dynamo Zarcov (Russia), Glenrath Celtic (Scotland), Morino (Italy), Racing Blue (Belgium), Real Corbao (Spain), Real Santana (Spain), Rassburg (Germany)

I will need some help with colours for some of the European teams, especially those from the black and white era, I'm hoping some readers have comics with colour Tiger covers featuring some of the European teams, especially those from the 60s and early 70s like Sporting Alcero and Niarkos.

Help if you can please...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

PES Roy of the Rovers Edition

In my opinion football games peaked in 2004 with Pro Evolution Soccer 4, that's why I chose to use it to create the comic pages in A New Beginning and Return to Glory. Soon everyone will be able to play with the current Melchester Rovers stars and all their rivals, in the PES4 Roy of the Rovers Edition.

This is a big project, although I'm a long way in already. I estimate a beta release in time for Easter.

Here's what will be included when complete:
- 60 English league clubs (including Rovers, Melboro', Danefield United and more)
- 60 European clubs (including Alkhoven, Monza, Varagosa and many more)
- 10 MLS clubs (including Baltimore Bullets, Pine City Pirates and more)
- International teams for the 2014 World Cup
- Classic teams from the ROTR timeline

All teams will have unique ROTR universe themed strips, badges, sponsors and full squads. In game graphics have been adapted to the ROTR theme, including advertising and crowd banners.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Return to Glory - Part 4

On a dreadful run of form, Derek Mostin sends his Melchester Rovers team into battle against defending Premier League champions Danefield United. Can Mostin save his job or will Rovers turn to a legend?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Football Films No.6 - Bloomfield (The Hero)

Little Nimrod idolises Eitan, Israel's greatest footballer. When his father bans him from playing football, the boy runs off to find his hero...

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Return to Glory? Part 3

Rovers take on mighty Everpool in Derek Mostin's first match as interim manager. While Roy Race has applied for the position of permanent manager of Melchester Rovers, will he be given the chance to return to glory?

Here's a full size version of the match programme page from the story (click for full size):

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Football Films No.5 - Scout

A short film set in Northern Ireland in the mid 80s. Palmer is a scout for Manchester United who hosts training sessions for gifted players at his cottage in the countryside before sending the best to United for a youth football.