Saturday, 1 June 2013

World Cup Spain 82 Part 2

With the scores tied at one apiece, Duncan McKay is determined to lead his side to the victory that would see them progress to the second group stage. With star players like Kenny Logan, Pancho Miller and Gordon Stewart, Scotland certainly have enough quality to get the win...

Duncan McKay captain of Scotland at World Cup 82

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  1. storky what about the USSR player? a Dinamo Zarcov star i guess?
    its great that the Scots appear in World Cups - that means so may british melchester rovers players (Scotland, Wales-maybe, Nothern Ireland plus Ireland) could be away in the grand tournaments between 1958-1990. I got some ideas to keep the Melchester as a main story while the tournaments ongoing
    * An former MR player now takes charge of a weak national team ie asian (could be a fictional like Basran or african) and invites Roy along.
    *Roy and family or teammates watch the WC final or England's matches on tv and commentate
    *While MR are on summer tour (or friendly) they face a strong european team and try to sign their superstar (like it happened with Inter Monico and Ollie Olsen). So a flashback from superstar's previous WC participation could be described (or for the Euros0