Saturday, 8 June 2013

World Cup Spain 82 - Week 3

With Scotland trailing 2 - 1, Melchester's star players, Duncan McKay and Kenny Logan need to put in a special performance. With Roy Race and Kenny's father looking on can Scotland turn the scoreboard around to qualify for the Second Round? Find out below...

Pancho Miller shoots for Scotland at 1982 World Cup


  1. Storky is it the ROTR Summer special 1982? any other World Cup stories i.e. 1978 or 1986?
    Thats an amazing discovery, You are a Legend!!!!

    1. I will be doing a 1978 story at some point. I will probably base it around the Dutch side, as Johan Seegrun and Roy Race are good friends.

      The 1982 Summer Special only has a short story on the World Cup, where Roy dreams that he lifts the trophy. Some players that are in the England squad are recognisable or named, Roy, Blackie Gray and Noel Baxter (all Melchester), Kevin Taylor, Johnny Dexter, Danny Churchill (all Danefield), Steve Marks (Kingsbay) and from the real world Kevin Keegan.

      I am glad you are enjoying my stories. Thanks for the comments!

      As you have made the effort to comment, I will start the 1978 World Cup story today and part one will be released next week.

  2. thats amazing! i got to say that whatever u do is so professional and i ve been stunned!
    Seegrun maybe is the only opponet who has been mentioned more than once (U already posted a scene from Holland-Scotland match in 1978). I cant wait to see the new story and the internationals play in this World Cup.
    ps: in the Kid from Argentina story, Manton County sign young Jorge Porbillas instead of famous WC winner Jorge Porbillas (but there s no pic of him) -maybe who can use it as it might be a lack of Argentinian internationals