Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Panini 1982 World Cup Cards

The World Cup story was so popular here's a selection of collectable cards from the tournament. More will be added to this page in time...

Kurt Gruber (West Germany)

Kenny Logan (Scotland)

Manuel Perez (Spain)

Steve Marks (England)

Levski (USSR)

Shulgar (USSR)

Zardelli (Italy)

Rudi Gruber (West Germany)

Duncan McKay (Scotland)


  1. awesome!!!! it makes the world cup more realistic... what a great idea!! ur a pro storky! keep posting panini stickers, this is our boyhood!
    oh what about manuel perez? was he an international varagosa player as well? (midfielder?)

  2. Manuel Perez was a midfield enforcer for Real Santanda, he famously broke the leg of Bob McKay, Duncan's borther/cousin. The Spain team might be: Santos, Olmo, Claudio Lopez, Juarez, Basora, Zamora, Manuel Perez, Corunna, Diaz, Luque, Paco Diaz. Do you remember Claudio Lopez? In the 1990 Annual he was going to replace Duncan McKay at Melchester.

  3. wow what a squad for the hosts! the only player i remember is paco diaz and luque from varagosa! where the rest were playing for? all of them internationals or playing for the big clubs?
    (do u mean real santana or santanda?)

  4. Yeah, I meant Real Santana, I usually check carefully didn't, this time!

    Luque (CF) and Juarez (D) were Varagosa. Santos (G), Corunna (M), Basora (D) & Diaz (F) were Real Santana. Zamora (CM) & Olmo (RM) were Atletico Zarosa. Claudio Lopez (LB) played for a daft team, Madrid All-Stars. Paco was still at Melchester in 82. Not unlike Spain teams of the time, picked from two big clubs and a sprinkling from others.

  5. How about usssr levski (mf?) and shulgar clubs? Btw any chance for any other complete wc '82 squad?

    1. 3 more added.

      Germany: Meisner; K.Gruber, Mayer, Muller, Juergens, Haltzman; Fischer, Bonhof, Kaltz; R.Gruber, Keller

      No more complete XIs