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1981/82 Season Review

As expected the Melchester Rovers squad was far too strong for the Second Division and they romped to the title. However this season was dominated by more serious issues. Vic Guthrie's indiscipline led to a run in with Roy that threatened to turn physical. Kenny Logan's father sought to convince his son to give up football and join the family business, even attacking Roy, throwing a punch. Roy's troublesome cousin Arnie showed up and bad things always followed Arnie. The Rovers were also starring in a docu-film and the star playing Roy Race was not enjoying the company of the great man or his team. And finally, good old Trevor Brinsden, Roy's Greatest Fan and convicted hooligan, was enjoying invading the pitch, leading protests and singing outside hotels. The tumultuous events eventually led to...

Roy Race Shot image from

Who did it? Visit The Greek Roy of the Rovers Fan Club to find out...

Anyway, back to the football. Alf Ramsey took over Melchester while Roy was comatose in hospital, introducing an exciting new formation (see below). The system worked, Rovers even beat the league record victory, 14-0 against poor Keysborough, the cheers waking Roy from slumber.

League: Division 2 Champions
League Cup: Unknown
F.A. Cup: Unknown

G - Carter, Williams
D - Baxter, McKay, Gosden, Guthrie, Naylor, Knight
M - Slade, Gray, Wallace, Cassidy
F - Race, Logan, Eliot, Diaz

Line-up (4-3-3)
1981/82 Melchester Rovers Line-up and Formation

Players in:
Kenny Logan

Players out:
Alan Lynch, Mark Price, Len Peters, Terry Keelan (all unknown)

1981/82 Melchester Rovers Team Photo

- Rovers play Holverton next season in Division 1, therefore they must have been promoted too.
- Unknown first scorer against Rotherton.

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