Monday, 16 September 2013

1989/90 Melchester Rovers Stickers Collection

Something a little different this morning: instead of the season review (back next week) here's a collection of Panini style stickers of the 1989/90 Melchester Rovers squad. Rovers are lined up in their new 4-4-2 formation, designed to accommodate record signing Maclaren. (Sorry it's too wide for the page - Pak Soon is somewhere out on the left-wing!) To view all of the stickers, click on one and use the lightbox...
Andy Styles - Melchester Rovers
2 4 6 3
Steve 'Nobby' Wootten - Melchester Rovers
Bruno Johnson - Melchester Rovers
Johnny Dexter - Melchester Rovers
Duncan McKay - Melchester Rovers
8 5 7 11

Wes Harper - Melchester Rovers
Terry Spring - Melchester Rovers
Kevin Clark - Melchester Rovers

9 10
Roy Race - Melchester Rovers
Andy Maclaren - Melchester Rovers
12 14
Mark 'Cracker' Gray - Melchester Rovers
Gary Gunn - Melchester Rovers
 Not Pictured: Charlie Carter, Blackie Gray, Mark Butler,
Glen Ritchie


  1. this is amazing job! a real treasure!!!!!

    1. Thanks! They're pretty easy really, it takes about ten minutes to make the sticker frame and then copy and paste from the scans and remove the text bubbles. I did all these last night in less than half an hour.

      I thought it was about time I had some of the late 80s early 90s stuff. This was the team I first remember reading, so did it first. Terry Spring was my favourite.