Saturday, 14 September 2013

World Cup Argentina 1978 - The Final

Johan Seegrun had led his Dutch side to the World Cup Final against the hosts Argentina. It was sure to be a difficult match, but could Johan prove to the world that he is as good as the great Roy Race and lift the famous trophy?

1978 World Cup Final - Argentina vs Holland


  1. WC 1978 was a top-class! cant wait to see what's next... European Championships Final,intercontinental Cup 1973, another World Cup?
    keep them coming storky!

    1. I've nearly finished the next three weeks: it's another derby. Melboro' vs Rovers in the FA Cup 3rd Round in 1982/83.

      Another World Cup would be really hard. The 1985/86 art work is really difficult to work with. Italia '90 would be the best bet. That England squad requires research, any ideas?

      Styles and Wootten were the only Rovers players I think. These lot played against Turkey in 87: Ryan Cook(Portdean), Trevor Stewart (was captain, no club?), Ray Williams (Goalie, no club?). Dunno if these were from other stories or just made up.

  2. All the DIV1 ENG players from my database from 88-91:
    G - Foster (Weston Villa), Bennet (Walford), Ambrose (Kelburn), Jones (Blackport)
    D - Palmer (Burndean), Hargreaves (Tynecaster), Powell (Blackport)
    M - Rapson (Weston Villa/Walford), Dawson (Burndean), Roper (Tynecaster), Archer (Walford), Norris (Deans Park), Hamilton (Melboro), Bellamy (Portdean)
    F - Lacey (Walford), Oates (Burndean)

    Plus 9 more Blackport players.

    So far -
    G - Andy Styles
    RB - Steve Wootten
    CB - Dave Powell
    CB -
    LB -
    CM - Tony Rapson
    CM - Trevor Stewart (c)
    CM - Gordon Archer
    RF - Titch Norris
    CF - Newton Oates
    LF - Ryan Cook

  3. i think the bunch of England player u first mentioned is enough. they were mentioned as internationals anyway. dont forget Zardelli was the top scorer, Malandro (maybe Mario and Bambito) played for Brazil (there s a new style pic in Rotrs of 1994) and probably some Germans like Karl Bruckner. There USA and Sweden players in WC 94 (but Rotr monthlies) plus im sure u can find other opponets from MR s european games
    ps: Mezino ''magic man'' in Hotshot 1987 & Agostina da Silva ''the Legend'' ROTR 1985 (both Brazil superstars)