Friday, 13 December 2013

Roy of the Rovers Match Attax

I'd been searching for a modern card to use for the 2013/14 players and discovered the Match Attax sets the other day. This is my version (not exactly the same, like the older cards), but I think they're quite attractive. Every player from the 2013/14 Premier League will have a card (eventually), so that's over 500 to collect. Ideally I'll program them into an online Top Trumps game.

Get them the usual way, using the cards and stickers 6-Pack page here...

Here's six, including two legends...
Blackie Gray Match Attax Legend

Dwayne Newton Danefield United 2013/14 Match Attax

Danny Jones Melchester Rovers 2013/14 Match Attax

Terry Spring Match Attax Legend

Drew Powell Melchester Rovers 2013/14 Match Attax

Kenny Delany Castlemere 2013/14 Match Attax

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