Monday, 30 September 2013

A Collection of Carford City Cards and Stickers

I think Carford City have appeared in Roy of the Rovers as opposition more than any other team, even Melboro'. Here are 12 of their stars, look out for more on the Twitter...

Brian Foulkes - Carford City

Carl Hunt - Carford City

Colin Daley - Carford City

Frank Tyler - Carford City

Draper - Carford City

Phil Stevens - Carford City

Kurt Gruber - Carford City and Germany

Foster - Carford City

Mike Gladwin - Carford City Captain

Harrison's (Carford CIty) powerful long throw

Turner - Carford City

Richie Davis - Carford City captain in 1978/79

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Roy's Goalie - Week 2

Rovers were leading arch rivals, Melboro', one-nil in the third round of the F.A. Cup thanks to a clever goal from Roy Race. But Roy's decision to pick veteran goalie, Tubby Morton, was not pleasing the Melchester directors, particularly Sam Barlow, who was openly critical of his manager's choice. Will Tubby keep Melboro' out?

Vic Guthrie of Melchester Rovers challenges Roger Dixon

Friday, 27 September 2013

1986/87 Melchester Rovers Sticker Collection

Just to keep things varied, here's another collection of Panini-style stickers. The League Cup winning 1986/87 squad was rebuilt from the ashes of Basran. Some real fan favourites in this team. Keep an eye out for other stickers of non-Melchester players on the Twitter.


Andy Styles - Melchester Rovers

Steve Wootten - Melchester Rovers

Bruno Johnson - Melchester Rovers

Johnny Dexter - Melchester Rovers

Duncan McKay - Melchester Rovers

Mark 'Cracker' Gray - Melchester Rovers

Blackie Gray - Melchester Rovers

Ollie Olsen - Melchester Rovers

Rob Richards - Melchester Rovers

Roy Race - Melchester Rovers

Pak Soon - Melchester Rovers 

Bruce 'Pancho' Miller - Melchester Rovers

Mark Butler - Melchester Rovers

Not pictured: Charlie Carter, Kevin Clark and Glen Ritchie

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Roy of the Rovers - A New Beginning - Week 7

It's international week in the football world. How will Melchester's stars get on? There's shock news for Rovers fans, as the Sunday Gazette publishes damaging allegations about their chairman, David Roth. But was it all planned?
Jake Cheetham lines up for England in Poland

Monday, 23 September 2013

1981/82 Season Review

As expected the Melchester Rovers squad was far too strong for the Second Division and they romped to the title. However this season was dominated by more serious issues. Vic Guthrie's indiscipline led to a run in with Roy that threatened to turn physical. Kenny Logan's father sought to convince his son to give up football and join the family business, even attacking Roy, throwing a punch. Roy's troublesome cousin Arnie showed up and bad things always followed Arnie. The Rovers were also starring in a docu-film and the star playing Roy Race was not enjoying the company of the great man or his team. And finally, good old Trevor Brinsden, Roy's Greatest Fan and convicted hooligan, was enjoying invading the pitch, leading protests and singing outside hotels. The tumultuous events eventually led to...

Roy Race Shot image from

Who did it? Visit The Greek Roy of the Rovers Fan Club to find out...

Anyway, back to the football. Alf Ramsey took over Melchester while Roy was comatose in hospital, introducing an exciting new formation (see below). The system worked, Rovers even beat the league record victory, 14-0 against poor Keysborough, the cheers waking Roy from slumber.

League: Division 2 Champions
League Cup: Unknown
F.A. Cup: Unknown

G - Carter, Williams
D - Baxter, McKay, Gosden, Guthrie, Naylor, Knight
M - Slade, Gray, Wallace, Cassidy
F - Race, Logan, Eliot, Diaz

Line-up (4-3-3)
1981/82 Melchester Rovers Line-up and Formation

Players in:
Kenny Logan

Players out:
Alan Lynch, Mark Price, Len Peters, Terry Keelan (all unknown)

1981/82 Melchester Rovers Team Photo

- Rovers play Holverton next season in Division 1, therefore they must have been promoted too.
- Unknown first scorer against Rotherton.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Roy's Goalie - Week 1

Roy Race was having a bad time as player-manager of Melchester Rovers. He was facing criticism for selecting veteran goalie Tubby Morton ahead of "The Cat" Charlie Carter. Roy was pleased with Tubby's form, but Carter was a super goalie. Rovers were to play rivals Melboro', captained by ex-Rover Geoff Giles, in the 3rd Round on the 1982/83 F.A. Cup, should Roy stick with Tubby?

Geoff Giles scores for Melboro' in the 1982/83 season

Friday, 20 September 2013

Futera Dream Team Cards

In the mid-90s Futera released a few series of special edition "Dream Team" cards for many English league teams. Here's my all-time Melchester Rovers XI in Futera Dream Team Card form. Want a card of a Melchester hero just ask...





This is my "Dream Team" - No Blackie Gray! Please tell us your favourite XI in the comments section...
Anyone can comments no need to register...

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

RotR 2013/14 - A New Beginning - Week 6

Rovers had made a dreadful start to the 2013/14 season, losing their first two matches. Roy Race was concerned that Vernon Eliot's side were just not good enough to take Rovers back to the top of the league. Can Melchester Rovers beat Walford and kick start their Premier League season?

NEW Roy of the Rovers 2013/14 vs Walford Rovers

Monday, 16 September 2013

1989/90 Melchester Rovers Stickers Collection

Something a little different this morning: instead of the season review (back next week) here's a collection of Panini style stickers of the 1989/90 Melchester Rovers squad. Rovers are lined up in their new 4-4-2 formation, designed to accommodate record signing Maclaren. (Sorry it's too wide for the page - Pak Soon is somewhere out on the left-wing!) To view all of the stickers, click on one and use the lightbox...
Andy Styles - Melchester Rovers
2 4 6 3
Steve 'Nobby' Wootten - Melchester Rovers
Bruno Johnson - Melchester Rovers
Johnny Dexter - Melchester Rovers
Duncan McKay - Melchester Rovers
8 5 7 11

Wes Harper - Melchester Rovers
Terry Spring - Melchester Rovers
Kevin Clark - Melchester Rovers

9 10
Roy Race - Melchester Rovers
Andy Maclaren - Melchester Rovers
12 14
Mark 'Cracker' Gray - Melchester Rovers
Gary Gunn - Melchester Rovers
 Not Pictured: Charlie Carter, Blackie Gray, Mark Butler,
Glen Ritchie